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EvonnIP is a law firm specializing in protecting and enhancing your intangible assets. With a team of expert lawyers in Brands and Patents, we offer solid legal solutions to safeguard your innovations. Discover how we can drive your business success through intellectual property.


Expert Team

At EvonnIP, we have a multidisciplinary team of highly trained lawyers committed to excellence. Each member brings unique experience, ensuring you have access to the best legal advice in the field of intellectual property.

Commitment to Excellence

Our firm is distinguished by an unwavering commitment to excellence in service. Each case is treated with the utmost attention and professionalism, ensuring you receive the highest quality legal advice at every stage of the process.

Unbreakable Principles

Ethics, transparency, and dedication are the pillars that support our legal practice. These values are not merely abstract concepts; they are tangible commitments that guide our daily actions and define the essence of our firm.

Professional Ethics

Every member of our team commits to maintaining the highest ethical standards in every interaction and decision Integrity in our practice is the foundation upon which we build lasting relationships with our clients.

Absolute Transparency

We strive for absolute transparency in all our transactions and communications. From the initial consultation to case resolution, we work to provide our clients with a clear and understandable view of each step of the legal process.

Tireless Dedication

We commit to investing the necessary time and resources to thoroughly understand each client’s specific needs. This level of dedication allows us to offer legally solid solutions tailored to the individual goals of each case.

Exceeding Expectations

At EvonnIP, we don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them. We constantly seek ways to go above and beyond, whether by providing proactive advice, anticipating challenges, or offering innovative solutions. Exceeding expectations is our norm, not an exception.


Commitment to
Legal Excellence

Operating with integrity, transparency, and dedication that exceed expectations.

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