Frequently Asked Questions about Intellectual Property

At EvonnIP, we understand the complexity of intellectual property and its vital impact on your business’s prosperity. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is designed to offer you an accessible and comprehensive guide on topics related to trademarks, patents, and other crucial aspects of legal protection. Here, you’ll find clear answers backed by our professionals’ experience, providing you with the essential information you need to make informed decisions about the safety and growth of your creative assets.

At EvonnIP, we don't just protect your intellectual property assets; we empower them.

Why should I register my trademark?

Registering your trademark offers legal protection, preventing others from using it without authorization. It also facilitates legal defense in disputes and strengthens your market position. The registration is the property title of your trademark. Building your brand without having the title is like building your house on land without deeds.

What's the difference between a patent and a trademark?

A patent protects inventions, while a trademark safeguards names, logos, and distinctive symbols associated with products or services.

How can I check if my trademark is already registered?

The EvonnIP team can perform a thorough search in the trademark databases of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) or the corresponding entity in your country of interest.

What is the validity of a registered trademark?

A trademark registration is valid for ten years from the date of granting the registration, and it can be renewed for periods of the same duration, provided that the declarations of use are submitted at the third year of being granted and with each renewal.

How long does it take to obtain a patent?

The time varies, but it can take between 2 and 4 years, depending on the complexity and workload of the patent office in the country where it is requested.

What services does EvonnIP offer in relation to patents?

EvonnIP offers comprehensive patent services, from evaluating patentability to filing and defending applications.

What if my trademark or patent is infringed?

EvonnIP can help you take legal action, such as sending cease and desist letters, and initiating legal actions to protect your rights.

Can I register a trademark in several countries?

Yes, there are international treaties that facilitate the registration of trademarks in multiple countries. EvonnIP can advise you on this process.

What costs are associated with intellectual property protection?

Costs vary depending on the type of protection and geographic scope. EvonnIP offers transparent and personalized rates according to your needs.

What to do if my intellectual property is used by others?

Contact EvonnIP immediately. We can assess the situation and help you take appropriate legal measures to protect your rights.

How can I schedule a consultation with EvonnIP?

You can schedule a personalized consultation using our online contact form or call us directly to our telephone numbers +52 (81) 2222-7170.

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